Coffee Nights offer students treats, information, and conversation


Coffee Night is a weekly event where students can attend to receive brochures, information on student activities, scholarships or planners. These informational aspects are complimented with completely free coffee and pastries.

On the night I attended, the panel was set up in the student lounge where three student government workers waited for students to approach. Little by little, students stopped by the table.

“We have those times when there’s just a parade of people, and then there are times, like this, when we just wait for people to approach us,” ASSC Senator Victor Bocanegra said. “We’ve learned to play with the mood of the situation.”

Along with treats and caffeine, soothing music was played to illuminate the environment . This made for a friendly atmosphere for students to feel more welcomed.

“I love it,” social major Gabby Garcia said. “It brings a positive vibe.”

Business administration major Rosalie Rodriguez said the event was “relaxing, especially after boring Earth Science.”

Rodriguez and Garcia approached the table, where they were greeted by student government workers. They received pastries and coffee and sat to socialize.

As the night was winding down, Bocanegra and fellow ASCC Senator Manuel Elguera took to the campus to pass out pastries and spread the word of Coffee Night to unknowing students. They returned to a significantly larger crowd of students, all being greeted and served. Two more ASCC members, Chelshy Garcia and Jane-Frances A. Okere, had arrived to help in greeting and assisting students.

“In general, Coffee Night reaches out to students more,” Okere said. “You have to be able to say you passed through college and college passed through you. Get involved!”

As the night reached its end, members of the student government took the time to converse among themselves and congratulate one another for a job well done.

“We served students, so it was a success,” Elguera said.

Coffee Nights are held on all three campuses on a rotating basis. To see dates and locations of upcoming events, check the calendar at

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